BOA Awards

And you, are you sleeping well?
Heart week 2022

The BOAs Award recognize the most successful Belgian brand activation campaigns for their outstanding creativity and results.

We are thrilled and honored to announce that we received the bronze award for Small Budget Campaigns with “And you, are you sleeping well?, realized for the Belgian Cardiological League in partnership with the STIB during Heart Week 2022.

This campaign allowed us to:

  • reach 1 million unique online views in 1 week,
  • score over 60+ appearances on TV shows, radio interviews, and off/online press articles,
  • support the activities of 133 health centers, municipalities, and hospitals,
  • gather 80+ subscriptions to the League’s webinar and newsletter,
  • wake up over 3 million Belgians.

However, the real success of an awareness campaign is more than its reach.
At a time when talking about diseases is not often popular with the public and immediately conjures up negative scenarios, we are happy to have realized a positive campaign – a unique, memorable experience for all citizens, as well as for the promoters.

We believe this recognition to be the celebration of the power of teamwork, dedication, and ambition.