We are a crew of multidisciplinary flexible experts, conceptual thinkers, detail-conscious designers, digital gurus and call center professionals getting onboard to help you reach your business and marketing objectives.

How our agency culture can grow your business? Well, by simply being more than just an agency!
We are a crew standing by your side day by day.
We support your team, we improve ideas and strategies, we overcome challenges and turn your projects into success stories.


In an ever-changing world, we anchor to our beliefs.

Ethics, communication and respect. These values stand at the helm of all our long-lasting relationships.
Quality is our destination. We never stop until we reach it.
Flexibility and agility brave every storm. We commit to continuous development, up-to-datedness and adaptation.
Transparency brings trust. We sail in open communication, integrity and loyalty.
Diversity boosts creativity. Cultural and professional diversity help in finding the path towards new ideas, points of view and creative solutions.
Sharing is the wind blowing in our sails. Knowledge exchange and active collaboration lead us to a proper decision-making.

It takes many eyes, ears, brains, mouths and hands,
many smiles, handshakes, high-fives and low-fives,
many creatives, strategists, analysts, developers, managers and leaders.
The picture is clear : The Crew is one team of experts coming together to achieve great things!

Luc de Tillese
Luc de Tillesse
Crew Leader

Luc is responsible for the group and is the link between The Crew & Koramic holding, the reference shareholder. His expertise ranges from communication strategies to follow up campaigns and much more. Contemporary arts is one of his biggest passions. The masterpiece he loves the most is the Cristo Velato by Guiseppe Sammartino. Another passion? It starts with m… and ends with …otorbiking!

Suzy De Vos
Suzy De Vos
Client Service Lead

Suzy is our client contact at the Louisa headquarter office. Proud mother of two boys and account of The Crew, Suzy is our favorite “gantoise” in the agency. She has the world record of keeping clients next to our side and the Guinness record of saying more “yeah” in one phrase. When she has some spare time or during the lunch break, she walks. The goal? 10.000 steps per day.

Amy-Jane Meerman
Contact Center Manager
Amy-Jane is in charge of our call Center in Halle and is the main contact with the call center clients. She studied to be a modist, she turned into the best Contact Center Manager. She focuses on innovation and creativity and her high level of know-how is a real asset for all of us. Telemarketing actions and all the related aspects are examined to get the best out of your project. She always works to improve the team spirit and she is known as “la fille à vélo”.
Damien Walckiers
Digital Strategy Lead

The driving force behind every project, Damien has A+++ batteries working all day long. He also has the best jokes, but he has to explain them three time to laugh at it. Thankfully, when he explains strategy and creativity, he always comes out with very clear ideas leading the team towards the success. He takes great care for each and every client and project.

Ingrid Bedoyan
Ingrid Bedoyan
Project Manager

Armenian and Lebanese, our resilient polyglot is always ready for taking on new challenges. With 9 years of experience in marketing and communications, her forte is her excellent organization coupled with open communication. Work aside, Ingrid is a real history and politics aficionado and Sudoku freak.

Nathalie Sommerijns
HR & Office Lead

Need any paperwork? Call Nathalie. Have any questions? Call Nathalie. Want to party in Tomorrowland? Call Nathalie. She is the soul of The Crew and THE one who knows everything about the agency. She has a fighting spirit and you miss her voice when she is not at the office. But we don’t recommend you to talk to her while you are working because you will be taken in veeery long chat.

Dora Mariage
Creative Coordination

Dora is our secret weapon: give her any project and she will deliver perfectly on time. She is our expert in head of production and creative coordination. If you need any recommendation about paper, its grammage and characteristics or about something interesting to do in Brussels, Dora knows the right answer. Not-so-secret secret: she is in love with her vintage Jaguar.

Margaux Goethals
Graphic Design & AD

Creative by birth, Margaux knows how to use all the brushes in the universe …and Photoshop counts too! She is our graphic designer of excellence with a Colgate smile, especially when it comes to talk about Switzerland, hiking and snow. She is the first person to say “Hello” to the agency every morning and to bring quick solutions.

Danielle Verlinden
Graphic Design

Do you have a fast, organised and talented graphic designer? Because we have Danielle and we are sure that you will want a Danielle in your life. From the craziest stories at lunch to the wonderful walkings in the morning, she is an eternal optimistic person and a motivated professional with a very, very, very lazy cute dog.

Livia Corbelli
Copywriter and Creative

From literature to copywriting, there’s only one step. At The Crew, Livia’s pen is in charge of making all the texts clear and sparkling, whether it’s website, adv or social media content. She loves crossword passwords and has lists for everything. As a true Italian, she declares the Pizza Margherita a world heritage.

Delfina Veron Chavanne
Creative & AD

Still trying to get a European nationality, Delfina is the Argentinian creative brain behind the campaigns. Don’t ask her to write in French or to be at work on time, but instead ask her for a granny tip and in return she will give you a nice dress code recommendation. 3 words to describe her: determined, curious, big talker. Creativity is her goal in life.

Tim Tassent
Motion & Photo Designer

Keen on photography, Tim is the creative engineer of our team. Complex Photoshop montages, smooth animation videos, complicated cut-out shapes and much more: he can do anything you want. His technical background allows him to bring his creative ideas to life in an efficient manner.

Johan Van Ransbeek
Graphic Designer

With his 17 years of experience working and making the best pizzas, he can officially be considered a vital part of our team. Graphic designing, mailing, flash animations, building up of exhibition stands… You name it, he has done it. He can handle a wide variety of tasks and he is always available …except when he is motorcycling!

Digital Expert

Rik has been working with digital marketing day in day out for more than 6 years. After his detailed analysis, figures no longer hold any secrets for The Crew. Converting marketing data into clear information to enable a faster and more efficient work is Rik’s speciality. But data is not his only passion, there’s art too. So, if you want to meet Rik, you can find him at Brafa.


Dieter is our incredible web developer specialist. He has been developing websites for more than 5 years. He has two partners in crime: Rik and his lovely dog. Sometimes he looks like he could kill you but we swear he is a cinnamon bun.

Wannes Driessens
Data Analyst

Any problems with excel? Wannes has the solution! He masters marketing and data analysis as if he had always worked on it and he never refuses to help. His dynamism and strong marketing and sales knowledge are powerful resources for all our projects. Just like Dieter, he is a cinnamon bun; but unlike him, he looks like it 😉

Vanessa Van Horebeek
Team coach

Office manager also in charge of professional training for the new members of The Crew, Vanessa loves helping people. She puts her empathy, interpersonal skills and years of experience as customer service manager at our clients’ disposal every day.

Bram Defranc
Team coach

Bram has a talent for turning every conversation into a pleasant contact. Combined with a commercial insight, this makes him a strong fundraiser

Bram started his job as a call agent in 2018 and consequently has over 3 years of experience in reaching customer-friendly agreement by phone in both fundraising and other appointments.

As a team coach, he shares this experience with The Crew’s fundraising team. With Bram’s precise guidance, the quality of each call is kept very high.

Want to join the crew?