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And you, are you sleeping well?
Heart week 2022


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Did you know that cardiovascular health depends on more than just diet and exercise?

During Heart Week 2022, organized by the Belgium Cardiological Leage, we raised awareness about the impact of sleep disorders on cardiovascular health. The campaign aimed to inform people and eventually encourage them to take care of their heart.

We developed a strong, tailored concept, “And you, are you sleeping well?” that directly engages people, draws attention and connects all sleep troubles through powerful storytelling. In order to reach as many people as possible, the campaign was used in posters, in the press, on the radio (a scenario referring to the “Frère Jacques” song), in social media, all relayed by field actions in hospitals.

The approach was crowned by a Buzz Marketing action around an event developed in collaboration with the STIB.
At 5am, we filmed the reaction of travelers by offering them a… 2022 Heart Week pillows!

The messages on the pillows invited them to reflect on the link between sleep and heart health. The surprised and intrigued reactions were recorded and shared on social media, generating the expected buzz.


Ligue Cardiologique Belge

Sandrine Daoud
Audrey Velghe

Strategic Planner
Damien Walckiers

Delfina Veron Chavanne

Graphic Design
Margaux Goethals
Danielle Verlinden

Livia Corbelli
Marko Leus

Project campaign manager
Ingrid Bedoyan

Head of production
Dora Mariage

Campaign Manager/
Data Analysis
Rik Peetermans

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