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For several years now, the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, the Wallonie, and the Cocof have been at the forefront of combating violence against women.

This year, on International Women’s Day (March 8th), they decided to launch a primary prevention campaign, and we had the great honor of supporting them in this delicate yet engaging task.

The campaign – “Controlling her is not a trivial matter. What if this is domestic violence? Choose the best version of yourself” – aims at raising men’s awareness about implicit domestic violence against women to encourage both a change attitudes and, eventually, the call for help via the helpline.

The challenge was huge: not only realizing an aesthetically captivating campaign addressing an a priori reluctant audience but also conveying an impactful message while avoiding stereotypes and moral judgment. We also had to show a variety of behaviors that come under the heading of domestic violence, using a storytelling approach that would raise awareness among the audience.

Thus, we decided to tell the story of a couple, Sam and Julie, in everyday situations that lead to two different outcomes depending on whether they are in a respectful relationship or a controlling one.
The violence is implicit and often considered trivial: Sam humiliates, belittles, controls, and disqualifies his partner through his behaviors, but most importantly, words.

We implemented this idea by producing four short movies (30″ + 60″) as the core content of the campaign and turning them into fine craftsmanship thanks to meticulous global work that privileged authenticity, intimacy, emotions, and nuances.

Then, we adapted the creative idea to posters by emphasizing men’s most common excuses for their violent attitudes.
The objective? Stimulating men’s ability to unmask violence in their attitudes/words, choose the better version of themselves, and so make a positive change.

The campaign is currently on air (until 7/04/2024) on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, the helpline website, and public institutions where the posters have been handed out.


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