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In a society built by and for people with no disability, it takes a lot of energy, perseverance, adaptability, self-confidence, and resilience for people with disabilities to be part of it.

For its annual awareness campaign “The Braille League Week”, the Braille League has therefore chosen to focus on the social lives of blind and visually impaired individuals.

Following a recent survey carried out on this theme, we noted that although blind and visually impaired people generally lead a fairly rich social life, slightly different from that of sighted people, they have to make much more effort and must have a lot of self-confidence.

Choosing a positive approach, The Crew was inspired by everyday life and more particularly by those moments that require self-confidence. With a humorous touch, the creative concept of the campaign was born. Thanks to the support of the Braille League, Karen – playing the main role of the TV spot – gained so much confidence that she dared to speak in the elevator, therefore becoming the link that brings together all her neighbours.

Using her humour, she now dares to make jokes that can be sometimes lame, but which make everyone around her laugh.

The concept was declined on several media: posters, radio spots, television advertisements, interviews, digital campaign, landing page, etc.

Discover our latest campaign and all of the Braille League’s actions to strengthen self-confidence among blind and visually impaired people.

Together, let’s support them so that they can seize every opportunity and overcome obstacles, in a society that does not always welcome them with open arms.

Radio spot


Radio spot



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