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The street belongs to everyone

Every year, the Braille League launches an awareness campaign during the third week of March. The objective is to put forward their continuous efforts and actions to help blind and partially sighted individuals gain in independence and autonomy.


This year, following the conduction of a large-scale mobility survey completed by over 664 individuals with sight impairment, one common concern repeatedly came up to the surface: streets are always filled with unexpected obstacles turning mobility – which is a fundamental right – into a sort of a “mission impossible”.

Based on the survey results and some other insights, we wanted to come up with a creative concept shedding light on mobility issues that blind and visually impaired individuals encounter, communicate about simple actions that can help in alleviating these mobility issues, and put forward the Braille League’s training programs.

To convey this triangle of messages, we wanted to keep a positive yet realistic approach.
In fact, the Braille League points out that blind and partially sighted people move around every day, go to work or perhaps to a concert, just like everyone else. Learning to get around independently takes a lot of time, efforts, and perseverance.

So, we decided to go behind the scenes of the mobility and orientation courses that Bau, our main character, attended at the Braille League.

With a fun twist, our creative concept saw the light: Bau gained so much autonomy… to a point where instead of being accompanied by a friend to attend a concert, not only is she able to go there by herself but she also becomes the guide.

This roles reversal approach was translated across all of 360° campaign assets: posters, radio spots, tv ads, interviews, digital campaign, a dedicated landing page, …

Discover our latest campaign and all the tips and basic actions for the betterment of blind and partially sighted people’s daily life.











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