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Whether for work, tourism or simply to get away, we all travel a lot, and many cannot resist to the pleasure of taking home a souvenir – a small thing to remember places and experiences.

But what if that souvenir is a “special” one – such as an exotic animal, plant or bushmeat? Well, in that case, be careful: without realizing it, you could be having a negative impact not only on biodiversity in the country you are visiting, but also on our own biodiversity back home. Plus, it’s not legal.

This is the starting point of “Everything can change with the introduction of one illegal exotic species. Biodiversity is a fragile balance.” – our new campaign for Bebiodiversity, a major federal body involved in protecting biodiversity in Belgium and directed by the FOD Health, Food Chain Safety, Environment.

The campaign aims at raising awareness among Belgian travelers about potential risks for biodiversity, public health and the safety of the food chain when it comes to the introduction of illegal exotic species.

Our approach to this often underestimated and unknow topic? The visual representation of the consequences of unbalancing the biodiversity.

This allows to immediately understand how much irresponsible behaviors can affect plants, animals, mushrooms, humans and even micro-organisms.

Launching it more than a month before Christmas, we want to positively influence all those who will be traveling to foreign countries during their holidays, by encouraging them to look for more information on Bebiodiversity’s website.

Therefore, we deploy the campaign via social media and Google Display, as well as in the most important airports (Brussels South Charleroi Airport, Aéroport de Liège, Luchthaven Antwerpen, Luchthaven Oostende, Brussels Airport).  

So, if you are planning to spend a nice Christmas abroad, check the rules for importing exotic species. Don’t take risks for our biodiversity and health!



Institute of Natural Sciences of Brussels


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