Wonder Robot 2023

Last year, The Crew and Wondercar joined forces to raise awareness about kids’ road through the “Wonder Robot” campaign.

With our superhero’s fun learning tools available for free on the www.wonderrobot.be platform, and an activation aiming at equipping 10 000 kids with road safety vests, one thing is sure: Wonder Robot accomplished his mission!

Because Wondercar’s devotion on kids’ road safety continues to grow, this year, Wonder Robot made an even bigger comeback! Tripling efforts, this year’s activation aimed at equipping 35 000 safety vests.

The activation mechanism has remained unchanged: within a few clicks, a parent completes the online form and shares it with 5 other parents of their child’s same class.

Once all 6 forms are submitted, their children and their entire class receive free Wonder Robot safety vests.

To reach that objective, we focused on a mailing campaign coupled with organic SOME content.

Within 50 hours since the campaign launch date, the 35 000 vests were ordered!

With over 5 000 participating parents, we were able to equip 1 471 classes across 302 schools in Belgium with Wonder Robot’s safety vests!

Stay tuned for next year’s edition, Wonder Robot is getting stronger and bigger 😉





Géraldine Favresse

Account manager

Ingrid Bedoyan

Account director

Luc de Tillesse


Damien Walckiers

Art director

Delfina Veron Chavanne

Graphic designer

Danielle Verlinden

Web developers