Structural monthly donations for NGOs.


Contact Center

Imagine having a safety net and guaranteed monthly support that allows NGOs to plan and execute impactful actions. It’s precisely what our contact center provides.

In 2022 alone, our telemarketing service made 1,000,000 calls. A relevant part of them aimed at converting one-time donations and new leads into monthly structural support. People’s positive answer has been astonishing: they were ready (and happy!) to engage in monthly donations.

As mentioned in Fondation Roi Baudouin’s philanthropy barometer, we remarked that, while older donors may prefer traditional methods such as telemarketing, younger generations are more inclined to donate through online platforms. But, in both cases, their consistent support empowers NGOs to focus on their missions with the necessary resources to make a difference.

That’s why our contact agents not only do a high-quality job but also believe in our clients’ good causes. In fact, as structural monthly donations provide stability and enable NGOs to create transformative actions, we all feel truly satisfied when endangered animals are saved, civil rights are protected, distance adoptions are made, and reforestation is promoted.

Together, we empower NGOs and support the causes that matter most to us.