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During the Mobility Week, the Braille League raises awareness of mobility issues for blind and partially sighted people. Unfortunately, for visually impaired people, the road is still partly strewn with unexpected obstacles.

One of the most frequent obstacles, according to a mobility survey carried out by the Braille League, seems to be poorly parked electric scooters. Thanks to allocated parking spaces, a lot has changed in recent months, but there’s still work to be done to achieve obstacle-free sidewalks.

The Crew and the Braille League have joined forces with Voi, Lime, Bolt & Dott to raise awareness among scooter users.

The tone? A resolutely positive approach to thank users who park their scooters properly, a gesture that facilitates mobility for the visually impaired. 


– Setting up “street tags” which were filmed and relayed on the SoMe

– Launching an E-mailing campaign, accompanied by hangtags on the scooters of Bolt, Dott, Lime & Voi.

– Integrating a pop-up message to reach all scooter applications’ users.



Braille League


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