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During the Safety Fortnight period (14 to 30/09), the Federal Public Service Home Affairs, in collaboration with the assistance zones, will be raising public awareness of fire safety in the home.

This year, the focus will be on chimney fires, one of the main causes of fire, and one which is often still poorly understood.

Prevention is essential in this respect, and regular chimney maintenance can help avoid unpleasant surprises.

Faced with a problem underestimated by the majority of the public, The Crew created a quirky, positive and original universe with a “sixties” tone in keeping with the target group, whose houses are often older and who regularly use wood, coal or fuel oil.

A 360-degree campaign was developed, including video, posters and flyers.

In parallel, a social media and digital signage campaign was used to link to the https://nejouezpasaveclefeu.be/  website.



IBZ DG Civile Bescherming


Steven Vermeulen

Damien Dermaux

Creative director

Damien Walckiers

Creative concept

Delfina Veron Chavanne


Suzy De Vos

Graphic design

Margaux Goethals

Danielle Verlinden

Motion design and animation

Tim Tassent

Campaign manager & Data analysis

Rik Peetermans