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At a time when companies often struggle to find a competent and committed candidate to fill a job vacancy, why ignore or lose the work potential of blind and partially sighted people?

Indeed, in the second half of 2022, Belgian companies offered 213,822 vacant jobs, highlighting a recruitment crisis[1].

With this question in mind, during the European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities (14-20/11/2022), The Crew has put its social vocation at the service of the Braille League in a positive and… engaging campaign.

Addressed to HR managers, our campaign “Everyone is looking for the rare pearl” aimed at boosting employment for blind and visually impaired people and at establishing a direct link between companies and the Braille League.

While developing this campaign, The Crew considered two main aspects:

On one hand, this campaign aimed at valuing individuals with a visual disability by putting forward a perspective of independence in light of their qualities and personalities.

That is why the different videos shared on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn), Google Display and online trade magazines, show ‘the rare pearl’, ‘the rare bird’, ‘the golden goose’.
These idiomatic expressions insinuate an individual who makes the difference: “the competent, rigorous, committed, positive talent” like a blind or visually impaired person can be.

On the other hand, one understands the effort of finding the right candidate and the fear of employing a person with a visual impairment. How to engage and maintain them in employment? With what tools and solutions?

The campaign therefore encouraged people to download, via an online form, the “booklet for inclusive employment“, full of information and advice on how to welcome a visually impaired worker into a company.

In this way, The Crew developed a constructive message, free of rhetoric, captivating and able to highlight both the soft skills of blind and partially sighted people, and the daily commitment of the Braille League to support employment.

The impressions and interest of HR managers requesting the booklet gave this awareness-raising and lead-generation action a concrete social impact.

[1] StatBel. La Belgique en chiffres : https://statbel.fgov.be/fr/themes/emploi-formation/marche-du-travail/emplois-vacants#:~:text=Le%20nombre%20total%20d%27emplois,205.877%20au%20premier%20trimestre%202022.%E2%80%8B



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