La Ligue des familles

New website and identity


Guidance & Strategy

Digital Development

The Ligue des familles ambition is a society adapted to the realities of families, which takes into account the expectations of parents.

To achieve a society adapted to the realities of families, the Ligue des familles intends to transform society on the issues of all families, with parenthood as a privileged angle of attack.

To do so, it implements 5 modes:

  • Citizen and political action that impacts legislative and social norms.
  • Services that facilitate the daily life of parents, based on their identified needs.
  • Information that enlightens families, connects their experiences,
  • Offers expertise on topics that help parents live better in their daily lives,
  • Fuels the debate on broader social issues.

Its image with the general public is outdated and requires deep reflection and a rethinking of its positioning and tone.

In a first phase, the agency, in close collaboration with the Ligue des Familles, undertook a global reflection on the Ligue/Ligueur brands.

In a second phase, the agency, with the help of Studio Unanim, developed a new graphic charter, a new logo including its variation as well as two new websites:

Today, the mission of the agency is in reflection concerning a campaign to collect donations.