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Mieux Reconnues, Mieux Combattues


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For a long time, cardiovascular diseases have been linked to male health issues. Instead, they are also a women’s affair – a concern, to be more precise.

To raise this awareness among the public, specifically among women and medical professionals, we have developed this engaging, almost militant campaign for the Belgian Cardiological League (Ligue Cardiologique) with one objective: to inform women about cardiovascular diseases, preventive actions, identification and treatment of the symptoms.

Embracing the rights of women and their access to proper heart health assistance, our campaign revolved around the tagline “Mieux reconnues, mieux combattues” with an impactful activist-like approach in order to shed light on the matter, grasp the attention of the women, engage a maximum of influencers and generate PR buzz.

The campaign success is the result of a strong concept, transmitted through the good funnels, channels and communication tools such as a social media campaign aiming at redirecting targeted audiences to an informative landing page, stickers, flyers, leaflets and a press kit, to name a few.


Ligue Cardiologique Belge

Sandrine Daoud
Audrey Velghe

Creative Director
Damien Walckiers

Delfina Veron Chavanne
Margaux Goethals

Luc de Tillesse

Damien Walckiers

Project campaign manager
Ingrid Bedoyan

Head of production
Dora Mariage

Graphic Design
Margaux Goethals
Danielle Verlinden

Campaign Manager
Rik Peetermans

Data Analysis
Rik Peetermans